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Tre's Lunchbox

Making Mealtime Memorable


Our purpose is rooted in helping parents navigate and enjoy life's biggest moments. We’re committed to providing stylish, practical, inclusive, and safe tableware while also curating a community centered around love, inclusivity, and culture. Tre’s Lunchbox is for babies, toddlers, and the occasional adult but no matter who's using our product, amplifying Black joy & closing the food access and equity gap is the ultimate goal.


We’re a growing community of families supporting one another in nurturing our children’s health and well-being.

Our product has made its way across North America and to countries like Germany, Japan, Canada, Netherlands and the UK!


Meet the Lunchbox Duo

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From the moment I found out I was going to be a mommy, I knew I wanted to offer my child the best of everything the world had to offer. One thing that has been important to me from the beginning was making sure I provided Tre with a balanced diet. After learning all the benefits of a good diet- both short and long term - it was a no-brainer.


I immediately started researching ways to provide a balanced diet for children according to each stage of development. I began putting in place the healthy eating habits that aligned with what I wanted for Tre: limited to no processed foods, organic snacks, homemade baby food. This was bigger than food to me. It was about breaking generational curses, unlearning to relearn, but most of all, creating our own story.

Eating healthy is not common in the African American household. Fast food and processed snacks are commonplace due to limited resources, like money and time. Convenience has been king for so long. We want Tre’s LunchBox to showcase the multitude of healthier options that are available. We want families to know how simple it can be to make better choices for the health and well-being of our children. 


At first, I created Tre a social media page so distant family could watch him grow. I shared what Tre ate at each meal and a little bit of his daily routine. This soon turned into much more than I ever imagined! From the overwhelming response, interest, and inquiries, I decided to delve deeper and offer more. Healthy nutritious meals for growing black boys and girls wasn't big in my community. I needed to step out and change the narrative.

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